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Broken engagements and artifacts

June 30, 2011

Sadly, I can’t announce a charity this week after all. Although the folks at the charity I contacted like the KC idea, they decided that it’s not a good fit for their organization. So, onward!

I’m busily working for this project, along with my friend Rachael, to push it forward. I can tell you that exciting things are happening behind the scenes. The positive and supportive response from people has been stunning. A few are even offering to lend a hand along the way. More on that in the future. For now, another first kiss story:

Little Roger and I were in second grade. He had taken to walking me part way home from school daily, sweet talking me all the while, and I was swept away with having my own little prince. Well, the day came that he coaxed me behind someone’s garage and not only gave me my first kiss, but also asked me to marry him, which I readily agreed to!

The very next day, since we were then “engaged”, he saw fit to ask me if I’d take him to my house and show him my brother Tony’s arrowhead collection. Ummm…that was not such a pleasant proposition, but I let him talk me into it since — well, after all, he was nearly part of our family anyway. I knew that no one at home would go for this new idea though, so I carefully smuggled him into the house via the seldom used parlor door — a direct route to the artifacts since Tony kept them there in a cigar box. I careful lifted the box and opened it to show Roger. Then he wanted to hold them himself so I reluctantly allow that. Then — he dropped the box, and the sound of the arrowheads smashing and breaking was enough to make all hell break loose! Roger went running home in a panic (yea, that broke the engagement thing too!), my grandma and brothers came running, and I was in BIG trouble!

So, yah, that first kiss was a “grand slam” sorta thing but in the “struck out” sorta way!

If you go to my brother Tony’s Indian Artifact Museum in Iowa, he can tell you exactly which pieces his sister Mary broke all of those years ago. 🙂


I suspect Little Roger had ulterior motives. And, Mary, it sounds like your brother Tony has a long memory.

Do you have a first kiss story I could share? Long, short, sweet, sour, funny, serious, any kind. C’mon, kiss and tell! kisschronicles @

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