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A Valentine’s Day first kiss

August 14, 2011

A friend of mine mentioned to me that he didn’t like the italics for the kiss stories, so I’m testing some different story formatting. Maybe I can use purple text for stories from the ladies and blue text for stories from the gents. If you think the new format is horrid and it makes you want to claw your eyes out, please leave your eyes intact and let me know.

Meanwhile, here’s a particularly precious story for you:

I was in 3rd grade and was “dating” this guy who was really sweet on me. He always had his hand interlocked with mine or was pushing me on the swings. (Remember, we were little. <3) Valentine’s day came around, and I expected a card or something small. The surprise I got was much sweeter.

That morning, I walked to the class and hung up my backpack and coat and found a gift wrapped up in the bin where I keep my shoes. Curious, I unwrapped the box and opened the lid on it. My eyes grew wide as I pulled out a necklace and a ring with my favorite animal (at the time), dolphins, on each of them. He popped out from behind the door and took the ring and necklace from me and asked if I wanted to be his forever. I said yes, and he put the ring on my finger and put the necklace on me as well. He hugged me and said that he had another surprise for me later. I sat through the school day all jittery because I wanted to know what more he could surprise me with.

As I left the school, he took me by the hand and tugged me along to where our moms where waiting to pick us up and asked my mother if he could take me to his house for supper. My mom smiled and said yes. (Both moms already talked about what happened.) I stood there and must have had a shocked look on my face because my mom patted my head and shooed me to him and his mom. Of course I wasn’t a normal girl that liked tea parties or girly things. So when he showed me his army men and cars, I was happy, and we played games until supper. The tacos for supper were really yummy. After supper, I had about an hour before I left for home, so we wanted to play army til then. What I didn’t know was that my third surprise lay in waiting. I turned the corner to his room, and he jumped out at me, wrapped me in a hug, and then kissed me squarely on the lips! I turned a bright pink; I hugged and kissed back then giggled because I was nervous.

To this day, I still have the ring and wonder what he’s up too; the necklace broke, so I don’t have it anymore.


In an earlier post, I’d mentioned a little factoid that I’d found: “In studies, people remember more of the details about a first kiss than first sexual experience.” I didn’t see any resource mentioned about the studies, so I wasn’t sure how valid it was, but this story sure does highlight how strong the memories of a first kiss can be. Foxy remembers so many details surrounding an event from the third grade. She remembers the tacos they had for dinner! Foxy, I hope that’s not because he had bad breath.

I’m really surprised at how many little Romeos I’ve heard about so far in these first kiss stories. I’m sure there had to be some little devils, male or female, who stole first kisses. Maybe I’ll get some of those stories in the future.

Speaking of more stories, I’m looking for kiss stories of all kinds: first ones, good ones, bad ones, and funny ones. C’mon, kiss and tell: kisschronicles at If you don’t have a story for me but know a friend who does, point your friend at the KC blog, please!

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