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I’ve become a twit

August 16, 2011

Today I became a twit*. That might not seem like new news to anyone who knows me, but the truth is that after years of denial and deliberate avoidance, I’ve joined the Twitter world at the suggestion of a friend. (Thank you, @eemoeblog.)

This situation reminds me of when I finally caved and bought my first cell phone. I was one of those people who held out a long time, although a few people still managed to hold out long after I did. (One of my best friends just got her first cell phone this past January.) Of course, just as with the cell phone, now that I’ve finally given in, I’m excited to learn about my new toy and figure out what I can do with it.

Look, look, I can even make pretty buttons!
Follow KissChronicle on Twitter

The bad news?** Some other twit took my name already! kisschronicles already existed on Twitter. And to add insult to injury, the account is barren — not a single peep, squawk, or warble.* My beloved blog name is getting wasted. So I had to go with @KissChronicle. I’m just crossing my fingers that the lack of an ending s won’t confuse anybody.

I did a search for “first kiss” on Twitter and saw somebody had warbled that she’d gotten her first kiss today. My jealousy aside, I wonder if maybe I could congratulate people who warble that they’ve gotten their first kisses. Hmm, on a scale of 1-10, how creeper-ish would that be (10 being super creepy)? As long as I’m in the 1-5 range, I should be good. I think. Maybe. Actually, I’ll probably still try it even if somebody says it’s a 10.

Back in KCland, I’ve come to a tough but painfully obvious realization: This project is going to take a lot more time and effort than I’d originally thought. I welcome and accept all the shouts of “DUH!” that I’ll inevitably get from the peanut gallery.

* Yes, I know the proper net terminology of twitterer, tweet, etc. I just prefer twit and warble. They make me giggle.
** The other bad news? I have Rockin’ Robin stuck in my head. Tweet, tweet, tweedle-ee-deet!

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