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Just an esty bitsy kiss

September 5, 2011

I’m putting the serious stuff aside for now. Back to kissing!

The fun thing about this blog is that even if I don’t receive story submissions, the Internet is a vast and mysterious place. The stories are out there. I’m happy to go hunting for stories.

So, not long ago, I was following some links, hot on the trail of a new story, and I found multiple! It was yet another contest, this one hosted on a blog/etsy site called Something for Kate. The contest was brief, so it’s over now, but the stories still linger. Here’s the story from the owner of the site and hostess of the contest:

Mind you, I think my first kiss was in grade 2 with a boy called Andrew [I think] behind the classroom, after school. A big kissing drought followed until grade 6. Boy germs phase or limited prospects? Not sure. I kissed way too many boys between grade 6 and year 12. Too many to remember. […]

My first proper proper kiss was with a boy called Grant in the GP room in grade 6. I was so shocked that his mouth was open I ran away immediately after, all the way back to the quadrangle where everyone was playing handball and consequently tripped on a ball and came crashing down and skun the top off my knee. Tragic. I will never forget it. So funny to think of that now.


Source: Oh no, kissing! EEEEK!!! *GIVEAWAY*. If you click that source link, it’ll take you to Kate’s blog post page, where some people answered the post with their first kiss stories for the contest. Oh, and you can see me shamelessly requesting to repost. I guess I should have emailed Kate directly, shouldn’t I? Woops. Obviously I’m still learning. Thank you to Kate for being a good sport. 😉

Also, a special shout out to @MariaLovesEmily, one of my new Twitter friends, on her recent first kiss. Lucky girl!

Everybody’s welcome to kiss and tell here:

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