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Sneaky kisses

October 22, 2011

Happy vacation to me! I’ve been MIA from blogging this week because I’ve been on vacation, and it’s been absolutely fantastic to get some rest and do some reading.

Since I’ve been gone all week, I think I owe you a kiss. Here’s another first kiss story:

I am now a junior in high school. I was going to a very small private Montessori school with lots of woods and land when I had my first kiss. I was in seventh grade, walking with three other friends, Rachael, Rachelle, and Austin. We had taken a shortcut and were in a foresty area sort of cut off from the rest of the school (okay, we could see the main road and our classroom from where we were, but for us it was the height of seclusion), and the Rachaels realized they’d left something in the classroom. They went back to get it, and Austin and I decided to wait for them where we had stopped.

As they left, one of the Rachaels said to us playfully, “Now don’t go kissing while we’re gone.”

As we watched them walk away, we turned to each other. Austin and I had known each other for nine years at that point, and we’d talked about what our first kiss would be like a lot. We gave each other a look, and Austin said something along the lines of: “Why not?”

We got ourselves ready for it, checked to make sure no one was looking, and kissed quickly. Then we spotted the Rachaels returning. After the initial kiss, we snuck away from the classroom and a handful of times and kissed. We thought we were very cool for keeping it a secret. Eventually our relationship sort of fell apart, and we stopped talking. There have been a couple times since then when he has tried to rekindle a friendship, but for the most part now we are just Facebook acquaintances.


Sneaky kisses, huh? I’m adding that to my list of kisses that I want to try.

Have you ever had to get your kisses on the sly? Have you ever been caught in an amorous liplock by someone and had to scramble apart? I’d love to get more sneaky kiss stories, and I have yet to have an an interrupted kiss story submitted. Send ’em in! (kisschronicles [@]

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  1. October 25, 2011 6:56 pm

    I will never tell if I kissed on the sly 😉 Enjoy your vacation!

    • October 26, 2011 12:58 am

      Oooh, you DID, you did kiss on the sly, you must have! I sense a story behind these teasing words.

  2. October 31, 2011 10:06 pm

    My first kiss story. You want it here? Or where? OK, the shortened version. Maybe I’ll blog it one day:

    Our second date after flirting online and meeting over coffee. We met for breakfast at a local hotel restauant. She had shattered her heel less than a year ago and was two weeks off her crutches. Leaving the restaurant she was in pain and I took her arm to help her. She says this is what did it for her, that I had been so thoughtful. We were passing an open elevator. She lead me inside, closed the doors, and almost hopped onto my lap- which is not a simple thing when you’re standing! I was afraid someone would come in and discover us so tried to extricate myself without offending her. It was impossible. We are now engaged to be married.

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