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Kiss Heckler #4: Ellen D. scooped me

December 3, 2011

Every now and then, I like to heckle kisses. (For instance, some past heckles are here and here. I even did a Top 5 Worst Kisses as a guest post.) However, Ellen Degeneres already heckled the following kiss…and rightly so:

UPDATE: The above didn’t want to embed properly. This makes me sad. However, here’s the commercial alone, though it regretably lacks the Ellen heckle:

See, this just preys on my fears. When I finally do get my first kiss, I really don’t want to end up behaving like a deranged hamster trying to fit an entire ear of corn in my mouth. However, I sympathize with the woman in the video — years of kiss deprivation can drive people to acts of kissing insanity.

This is also a perfect example of why people should NOT wait until their wedding day to get their first kiss. I’ve heard of it, certainly; I’ve found tweets and articles about it. I just don’t think it’s a good idea, because then you end up getting heckled by pros like Ellen and amateurs like me.

But beyond the heckle, I’m curious about this coming show — or rather, the NOT coming show. (Ba dum, ching.) The Virgin Diaries sounds like it would have all sorts of material that might relate to my Kiss Chronicles project. However, because I’m not much of a TV watcher, I don’t have cable. I’ll have to check whether TLC is going to air episodes online somewhere.

* * *

Update from previous post: The plumber successfully fixed the backed-up system at my mom’s house, and my cousins and relatives who were standing around with their legs crossed after Thanksgiving dinner finally got to use the toilets.

Update on me: I’m still trying to shake this darn cold, but I’ve gotten some good rest by taking a break from Kiss Chronicles the past two weeks. Since I started this project at the beginning of summer, I haven’t really been able to put it aside and out of my brain, but getting sick finally forced me to slow down for a bit. However, now it’s time to get back to work! Also, to my bloggy friends, expect me to come around and catch up with you on your own blogs. 😉

Update on Positive 12: I’m looking forward to hosting the little Positive 12 event on 12/12. Be ready! I’ll be working on getting the plans together this weekend.

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