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Introducing the Wednesday Writing Recap (WWR)

January 4, 2012

Welcome to the first Wednesday Writing Recap (or WWR for abbr. geeks). I’ve decided that I’ll give you weekly updates about my writing progress, what I’ve been up to for the project. I’ll throw in a little bit about blogging now and then because that’s also writing and still a big support for the project. All the work for the book is entirely up to me, no outside help required, so I figure I can build some much greater and more intimate accountability into the blog. You’ll know what work I’ve been doing, and I believe giving you a regular recap will act as both a spur and an inspiration for me.

Where I’m at right now: As I mentioned in my previous post, my original concept for the book was that it would be a promotional tool. Making the book into THE project is a different beastie entirely. Originally, I thought it would be 40-50 pages long. At the very least, I need to double that and target 100. When I sketched the original TOC (or Table of Contents if you’re not an abbreviation geek), I set it up with an introduction and 10 chapters. Just today, after I took a glance at the TOC and gave it just a little thought, I’ve already come up with one new short chapter idea, and I’ll likely be able to come up with more.

After I started the book in November, I completed two chapters and got two other chapters close to completion. However, all four of those will need expansion and heavy editing. But really, editing is what I do best. I’m not at the editing point just yet, though. My focus now is going to be getting the bones laid out for all the chapters, and then I start filling in the flesh until I have an army of zomb— oh wait, sorry, that’s my other little side project. Right. Just forget I said that. Regarding the book, I’ll lay down the chapter drafts, I’ll edit them until they start to look presentable, and then I can start seeking feedback and making them gooorgeous.

The work I’ve already done is a good foundation. My next move is to make a daily writing habit and stick to it, and I’ll put more thought into the TOC.

If I ever miss a Wednesday Writing Recap, I’ll still make a WWR, but it’ll be a Weekly Writing Recap. (I have built-in abbreviation flexibility for my own convenience, and it’s alliterative. I’m a happy, smug little wordsmith.)

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up the regular blog stuff. In fact, I want to add onto it. If you’re interested, you can help with that. I’d love to hear from you: What would you like to see more of? More kiss stories? More charity-related content? Also, I’m thinking of starting a Tuesday Newsday — every Tuesday, I could give a recap of some relevant news articles, such as kissing in the news as well as some things about charity or cancer health. Would that interest you at all?

Also, last but by far not least, thank you for your support from the bottom of my wee heart.

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