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Proposal kisses and mascots

January 24, 2013

I’m a big sap. I absolutely love watching proposal videos, and if it’s a proposal video and there’s a “yes,” there’s going to be a kiss.

This is an old video (because anything that’s been around for more than a week on the Internet is old). This video has already gotten plenty of hits. However, if you missed it the first time around, you shouldn’t pass it up now. The guy, an assistant basketball coach, dresses up in what’s probably a very stinky, hot mascot costume; challenges his girlfriend to a public dance-off; and tricks said girlfriend by feigning an injury. What’s not romantic about that?

Did you notice how she reached out to touch him after he shocked her, and he’s all, “Please don’t hit me!” and cowering away from her? Be sure to pause at 0:35 for the full effect.

Also, I have no idea how the past week got away from me so fast…or, you know, most of January.

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