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Happy Valentine’s Day! Here, have some kissing Canadian flash mobbers

February 14, 2013

What wonderful timing is this? It’s St. Valentine’s Day on my weekly kiss video day!

  • Recommendation 1: Skip right in to the 00:30 second mark. There’s nothing going on at the very start of the vid.
  • Recommendation 2: Don’t miss minute marker 02:40! The little old lady…well, you’d think she’d never seen a gay couple before, pfft.
  • Recommendation 3: Boo at the grumpy business guys trying to shut down all the happy kissers. Booo! Refuse! Putrescence! Boooo! (You get 10 non-redeemable life points if you catch that movie reference.)

If you just can’t get enough of love, you should check out my post over on BlogHer, Valentine’s Love Letter Challenge for Singles or Couples. The post was featured two days ago, and I’m overwhelmed and delighted with the number of links to love letters that other bloggers have left in the comments!

In recent book news: My cover artist, Hamster, is healing well from her injury and has begun working on the cover again. My final test reader has, this week, finished reading the latest draft of the book. I can’t say exactly what day I’ll be able to release the book, but the date is fast approaching. Is the world ready for this? Oh, sure. Am I ready for this? Hell no, but I’m going to do it anyway.

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