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A new way to think about charity (TED talk by Dan Pallotta)

March 14, 2013

Sometimes it’s necessary to come up for air between kisses, so this week, instead of a kissing video, I want to share a TED video that I just watched. It’s about charity — because when I’m not talking about kissing on this blog, I’m most often talking about charity.

Between the amazing Amanda F. Palmer TED talk I saw last week and now this one, I think I’m about to develop a TED talk addiction. This particular talk, by Dan Pallotta, opened my eyes to some fundamental problems with the way we view charities and how that affects giving. Basically, I watched this and faced the fact that some of my own misguided thinking needed correction. I needed to see this. Maybe you do, too.

Okay, why not? That was pretty serious, so a little fluff wouldn’t hurt. I’ll throw in a video of a patient dog kissing an adorable giggling baby:

Speaking of charities, I’m still in touch with the one I want to benefit. I made a phone call today to check in, but they don’t have a resolution to the problem yet. Just…hanging tight at the moment and keeping fingers crossed.

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