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Kimmi Smiles’ cover song and first kiss caught on film

June 18, 2013

I’m a Twitter scavenger, and I like to go searching for tweets about “kiss” or “first kiss” just to see what I can find. Sometimes I retweet funny or cool things I discover. This discovery is worth blogging about.

A few days ago, I noticed this particular tweet:

Kimmi Smiles tweeting about her first kiss and her cover song

Notice the #gross hashtag.

The tweet cracked me up, so I had to check out the video to see what the rest of the story was. I thought I’d find a fairly ordinary video. I discovered it’s a pop-rock song cover of “Heartbreak Girl” (originally by 5 Days of Summer), and Kimmi Smiles* is a bubbly sweetheart of an Aussie.

This girl is so freaking cute she’s like a human Pokémon. I CHOOSE YOU, KIMMI SMILES! If you like the video, please give Kimmi some comment love. And maybe sympathize with her that she had to kiss a germy boy.

And here’s why I feel guilty for not blogging about this video right away: Kimmi was giving the song away for free on Bandcamp, but it reached max downloads, so no more freebies. According to her YouTube channel, she’s looking for another source to make the song available for free. So, if you liked her cover, keep an eye on her channel to see whether it becomes available for free on another site, or you can get it for $1 on Bandcamp.

* Generally I have a no celebs policy on this blog. I’d say Kimmi, with over 180k followers, is perhaps demi-YouTube-celeb. I’m slightly cheating on my rule here, and I’m okay with that because this is the first time I’d heard of her. She’s a new-to-you demi-celeb. Unless you’ve heard of her before, in which case my rationalization is borked.

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