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Kiss Photos: A grayscale kind of day

July 9, 2013

I’m feeling mellow at the moment, and I think some classy black-and-white photography would suit my mood.

Kissing at the Courts by John St. John

Kissing at the Courts

That’s a feather stuck in her scarf, by the way, just in case you’re curious. I was, so I asked the photographer. Because I can’t turn off my inner editor, ever, which means small details fascinate me.

Two-for-one deal, have another shot, and I have a question for you about this one:

Bus Station by John St. John

Bus Station

Ahh, just what I needed. These suit my mood perfectly. These photos are both © John St. John, and you can find more of his photography at his website.

Here’s the part that I want you to help me with: This second photo is titled “Bus Station,” which in my mind means that this is either a kiss hello or a kiss goodbye. Based JUST on what you see in the picture, which do you think it is, a hello or goodbye?

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  1. July 9, 2013 7:37 pm

    I definitely think that is a hello kiss.

    • July 9, 2013 8:44 pm

      Interesting! It’s received a few votes for “goodbye” over on the Facebook page, so I love that it now has some competition.

      And, HEY Brenda, long time no see!

  2. July 11, 2013 2:40 am

    I was going to say “Hello” too! I can’t put my finger on why. I think because there is a certain tiredness, like perhaps they had been traveling for a while.

    • July 11, 2013 8:01 am

      Wow, we have an even split between blog and FB page — the FB comments say “goodbye,” and blog comments say “hello.”

  3. Anonymous permalink
    July 12, 2013 2:34 pm

    I think it is a goodbye kiss. When people are saying hello they want to talk and share what has happened to them when they’ve been apart so the kisses are usually light and brief. However, when they are saying bye they say all their words and the last thought is an intense kiss so they can remember the feeling when they are apart.

  4. Doris permalink
    July 27, 2013 3:06 am

    It’s a goodbye kiss. Hello kisses include wrapping your arms around each other and not being able to get close enough because you have missed that person for so long. Goodbye kisses include a little space, as you are already anticipating being without them, and trying to get used to the emptiness you know you are going to feel.

  5. citruscountyukuleleclub permalink
    August 10, 2013 3:39 pm

    Definitely a Goodbye kiss. A Hello kiss at a bus station or airport would be a jumping up and down, hugging, joyful kind of kiss. This looks more like a poignant, ‘I’ll Miss You’ kind of kiss.

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