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About Virginia

I do own a dress. My hair is always a mess. If you catch me stealing, I’ll confess like a blubbering baby. Nice to meet you. I’m Virginia.

I’m a copy editor for a publishing company. (And suddenly, your urge to find grammar mistakes in my blog has increased by 57%.) I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I read, I write, I critique (Pen to Paper). After college, I started training in Taekwondo, and I now hold a black belt in that art. I do some online gaming and love anime and webcomics. I have two cats, both tuxedo cats, so they’re always well dressed.

Wow. Geez. Okay, I suppose when I put it like that, it’s kind of obvious why I haven’t been kissed, huh?

If you want to dive into the blog to find out more about me, you can try the Meet Virginia tag that I’ve slapped on the most relevant posts.

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