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Cancer-Related Links

More to come. I’m just getting started. I want to make this a rich list of great first steps to take on the path to becoming more informed.

Big Dog cancer sites, all packed with knowledge:

Communities for young adult cancer survivors and advocates:

Diagnosis-specific sites:

…definitely more to come. Just getting started.


  • My New York Minute: Forthright and honest conversation about living with prostate cancer brought to you by Dan Zenka, senior vice president of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, who received his own prostate cancer diagnosis in 2010.
  • Jo Hilder: Jo Hilder is a writer and a survivor. Her blog is about many things, including her own experiences with cancer. Check out her post on Things Not to Say to Someone with Cancer.
  • Babies or Not: Amy’s a blogger, a vlogger, and a cool lady. She also happens to be a breast cancer survivor. I highly recommend you hear her read her “I Believe in Falling Apart” essay here: It’s hosted by NPR Rhode Island.
  • I Am a Liver: Lindsey Miller famously asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt out to coffee in a YouTube video (I covered it in a previous post: Perchance to Dream), but more important is her very personable blog about her experiences with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer.
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