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Kiss Photo: An East Coast Wedding

July 12, 2013

This featured kiss photo is so hot that it requires police caution tape!

an east coast wedding, part three

An East Coast Wedding

This brilliant shot is © Danielle Hughson, used courtesy of the artist (and you can find more from her on her Flickr page). I can’t find anything about this shot I don’t like. Her dress is gorgeous, as are her shoes. The guy is performing a perfect dip, and his tie matches her dress. And all the dynamic lines point to the couple. Beautiful! \o/


Kiss Photos: A grayscale kind of day

July 9, 2013

I’m feeling mellow at the moment, and I think some classy black-and-white photography would suit my mood.

Kissing at the Courts by John St. John

Kissing at the Courts

That’s a feather stuck in her scarf, by the way, just in case you’re curious. I was, so I asked the photographer. Because I can’t turn off my inner editor, ever, which means small details fascinate me.

Two-for-one deal, have another shot, and I have a question for you about this one:

Bus Station by John St. John

Bus Station

Ahh, just what I needed. These suit my mood perfectly. These photos are both © John St. John, and you can find more of his photography at his website.

Here’s the part that I want you to help me with: This second photo is titled “Bus Station,” which in my mind means that this is either a kiss hello or a kiss goodbye. Based JUST on what you see in the picture, which do you think it is, a hello or goodbye?

Kiss Photo: Kissing under the end of DOMA, by David Sweet

July 5, 2013

It’s been over a week since the downfall of DOMA, and the country is still going strong. Woohoo! The country even celebrated its 237th birthday yesterday. I hope you had fun celebrating and didn’t burn any fingers.

Last week, there were many, many happy kisses to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision about DOMA and Prop 8. Here’s one of them!

Two women kissing to celebrate the end of DOMA

Celebratory kisses!

This photo is © David Sweet (used courtesy of the artist), and you can find more of his photography on Flickr.

Here at Kiss Chronicles, the policy is Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Smooch. I mean, really, I blog about kissing. I’m very pro-kissing. Kiss your hearts out, people! Straight, gay, interracial, platonic, romantic, whatever, just enjoy.

Also, I bring you a bonus kiss story. My bloggy buddy Abbie, over at All That Makes You, has posted a kiss story. More kiss stories. I need more! If you have one you want to share, please send it my way.

Kiss Art for the Classic Sci-Fi Fan: Moon Kiss by Michelle

June 28, 2013

This kiss art is especially for old-school sci-fi lovers:

Moon Kiss

Giant kissers and itty bitty astronauts!

The work is © Michelle, used courtesy of the artist. Michelle makes clever paper collages with old art. The original of this piece, Moon Kiss, is available in her Etsy Store, as are many more of her fun creations.

I’m pretty sure the astronauts are on a rescue mission. Looks like one of them is about to get lost in a moon volcano. Or is that an exploratory mission into a crater?

The Amazon issue and the Kiss Chronicles ebook

June 26, 2013

I’ve been putting this off for a few months, but I’ve run out of fight on this subject: I’m going to make the Kiss Chronicles ebook available on Amazon.

The catch? I can’t post it for free. I have to post it for the minimum price, which is $0.99, and that’s the reason I’ve refused to put the book on Amazon before now.

This book is supposed to be free. Hell, it’s built into the story that the book is free — I’m going to have to add a special note to the Amazon edition to acknowledge the issue. I want the money going to charity, not into Amazon’s pocket or mine. But by not having the ebook on Amazon, I’m encountering headaches:

  • The biggest nightmare, limited accessibility: Several people I know have had horrible trouble getting the .mobi file (the Kindle format) that they download from Smashwords to work right on their Kindle devices. If people can’t access the book, they can’t read it. I want people to read it.
  • Lack of visibility: By not being on Amazon, the ebook has decreased opportunities for visibility and searchability. That’s just one more handicap that my book doesn’t need.
  • Reduced reviewability (not a word): Many review sites don’t accept submissions or requests for reviewing unless the book is available on Amazon.
  • Apologibility (really, really not a word): Time after time, people ask me whether it’s available on Amazon. And I have to keep saying, “no, I’m sorry.” I don’t want to have to apologize for that any more.

So I’m going to do this because Amazon is a Goliath, and I have to play its game. BUT. But but but. Butt. See, the thing is, Amazon strives to be competitive about pricing, so there’s a chance that, sometime after I post my book, it could bump my listing down to free because the book is available for free on other ebook retailer sites — especially if users complain (directly to Amazon, and I sincerely hope not in the book reviews). And I can encourage my readers to go to Amazon only if they can’t get get the Smashwords .mobi download to work.

So, what does that mean for the money? Well, until the book becomes available for free (if I can even get that to happen), I’m going to consider the $0.99 charge the Amazon Inconvenience Fee™ for readers with Kindles. I’d still like the readers to donate money or time to a cancer charity in exchange for the read. For my part, I don’t expect to make any significant, appreciable profit via Amazon purchases. If I were to make a few bucks, some pocket change, that would cover a small portion of my blog upkeep. On the off chance that I were to make some sort of significant profit, after Uncle Sam takes a cut for taxes, one of the first things I would do is finally give my cover artist a fair, flat price for her work, ’cause she originally donated her time with the understanding that the book would be for charity. After that, if more money continued to come in, I’d split the money 50-50 between blog upkeep and book-support expenses and cancer charity.

*sigh* Anyway, I’ll let you know when I get the ebook onto Amazon.

In much happier news, I’m delighted that I’ve had a guest post featured over on Dangled Carat (a blog on relationships, hosted by Hilary), with five fun facts about kissing: Your kiss, your kiss is on my lips…

Kiss Art: kisses by Jennifer Boychuk-Pinratana

June 21, 2013

A haiku:

May your life be filled
With mountains of great kisses
And oceans of love


Mountains of kisses currently in progress.

This photo is © Jennifer Boychuk-Pinratana, used courtesy of the artist. At her website, Divining the Hidden, Jennifer does fun mixed media art featuring nature and portrait photography, seeking to reveal the nature inside of people.

My questionable haiku-writing skills aside, I love this picture. D’awwww!

Kimmi Smiles’ cover song and first kiss caught on film

June 18, 2013

I’m a Twitter scavenger, and I like to go searching for tweets about “kiss” or “first kiss” just to see what I can find. Sometimes I retweet funny or cool things I discover. This discovery is worth blogging about.

A few days ago, I noticed this particular tweet:

Kimmi Smiles tweeting about her first kiss and her cover song

Notice the #gross hashtag.

The tweet cracked me up, so I had to check out the video to see what the rest of the story was. I thought I’d find a fairly ordinary video. I discovered it’s a pop-rock song cover of “Heartbreak Girl” (originally by 5 Days of Summer), and Kimmi Smiles* is a bubbly sweetheart of an Aussie.

This girl is so freaking cute she’s like a human Pokémon. I CHOOSE YOU, KIMMI SMILES! If you like the video, please give Kimmi some comment love. And maybe sympathize with her that she had to kiss a germy boy.

And here’s why I feel guilty for not blogging about this video right away: Kimmi was giving the song away for free on Bandcamp, but it reached max downloads, so no more freebies. According to her YouTube channel, she’s looking for another source to make the song available for free. So, if you liked her cover, keep an eye on her channel to see whether it becomes available for free on another site, or you can get it for $1 on Bandcamp.

* Generally I have a no celebs policy on this blog. I’d say Kimmi, with over 180k followers, is perhaps demi-YouTube-celeb. I’m slightly cheating on my rule here, and I’m okay with that because this is the first time I’d heard of her. She’s a new-to-you demi-celeb. Unless you’ve heard of her before, in which case my rationalization is borked.